Gain followers on Twitter: The easiest way is not always the best way

by admin

We are now quite a while on Twitter actively. Of course, I have seen many tips on how followers can be won on Twitter. At this point, I would take a critical look at two of the most common tips. If one looks for advice about “followers on Twitter to win”, are usually found first, these two tips:

• First, follow all kinds of people / companies in the hope that this follow you back.
• Second, follow anyone, who follows you.
• Follow all kinds of people / companies in the hope that this follow you back.

Let us look at the first hint a closer look at. “Follow all kinds of people / companies in the hopes that they follow you back.” There is an extra Twitter lists with people, who definitely follow a back. Then there are also followers Manager. However, seriously, what is the point? The only thing it does is to drive the number of my Twitter followers up. In addition, for many, the number of followers is the only thing that matters on Twitter; at least it seems so to me, if you resort to such methods. Nevertheless, what says the sheer number of Twitter followers?

Follow anyone who follows you

The second tip: follow everyone who follows you, I think is questionable. I think this cannot be the meaning of Twitter just to follow any people, just for the sake back succeeding. For here, the same applies as above. For their information I do not care, as and they are not care for mine. Of course, users can work with lists. Nevertheless, how many lists you are actually listed? I guess the number is most likely low.

Twitter offers companies great opportunities

Twitter offers companies great opportunities, but please, there are not such questionable strategies to ensure sustained a Twitter community. You would be better selective about choosing your followers and follow only those in which you have really interest or they are relevant to your business interesting. Admittedly, the temptation is great; just increase almost overnight the number of followers.

However, here it is just as well as in real life; the easiest way is not always the best. There are other ways to gain followers on Twitter. It is easy to try what works and what does not. Furthermore, I will of course report in one or more other contributions. I am happy to receive your suggestions and tips for a community of Twitter.